Pulliam Community Building Foundation

Plan and Presentations


Capital Campaign


Our Foundation is embarking on a capital campaign to complete the restoration and renovation of your community building.


Click Here to see the scope of Phase 2 of the capital project.


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As with all projects, the operation of a building is a significant factor after completion. We have studied the operations in depth and offer this interpretation of the BBC Research & Consulting's financial study. This report shows why the Pulliam restoration is an improvement and better value than the past way of operating the building.


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Financial Feasibility Study


September 2016


Read the consultant's full financial report on how to make best financial use of the Pulliam Community Building. This report was prepared by BBC Research & Consulting. It is an independent study that was discussed at the October 11, 2016 City Council study session.


Click Here for the Study


If you would like to read a our interpretation of that report and what it means for the building's operation, please click on this report. The old way of operating may not be the best way.


Read Our Report on Feasibility Study.





Historic Structural Assessment


September 16, 2013


This document is the most extensive study of the Pulliam Community Building since it was constructed 75 years ago.


The HSA digs into the qualities of the building from many aspects--historical, structural, and even practical. This document is the combined work of Glaser & Associates and SlaterPaull Architects.


It is a 25meg documents so expect a delay in the download.


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If you wish to see all the Appendices, please contact us.

Proposed Plan


Over the past eight years ago this Foundation created several plans for restoring the Pulliam Building. Whereas the plan needs to be updated for the latest developments, the key concepts are still the same--restore the Pulliam by making it a multipurpose facility for the good of all our community.


You can read the last plan here for historical background and informational purposes.


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Latest Developments


Phase 1 construction begins soon in 2018. A search for a

qualified Construction Manager is underway.