Pulliam Community Building Foundation

On October 6, 1936, D.T. and Lillian Pullium gave the city of Loveland $20,000. That gift spawned a Works Progress Administration (WPA) initiative to “uplift and benefit the community.” The result? Two years later, the downtown Pulliam Community Building was completed.


The buildings hosted gatherings of 100 to 600 people in the large 20,000 square foot facility. The auditorium alone is 4500 square feet of space, plus a balcony, and a stage.


The Pulliam Building was able to entertain 10% of the city's population at one time. It was the focal point for civic and commercial gatherings. There were political rallies, symphonic concerts, and service club dinners. Many teens met their future mates at the dances.

During the difficult economic decade of the 30s, the Pulliam Community Building was the center of our community. The Pulliams and the City agreed that the center would host “religious, education, agricultural, musical, and civic meetings and gatherings.” In addition, the original agreement restricted removal of any auditorium seats. That silenced and sentenced the large hall to a vegetative state.


However, a new agreement has been reached between the City and the Pulliam family that will allow removal of auditorium seating. This foresighted action now makes it possible to create a more flexible space.