Pulliam Community Building Foundation



The vision for the Pulliam Community Building Foundation is to put the community of Loveland back into the facility. It is a gem of an asset that begs to be repurposed and used again.


The main goal now that we are about to enter Phase I construction is to create further awareness and gain support for Phase II. We will begin a capital campaign soon to complete our vision of a mixed-use community space for the broadest segment of Loveland.


The project has these primary goals:


* remove fixed seating in the auditorium; repair and refinish the floor as needed

* upgrade electrical wiring

* add an audio system in auditorium

* make ADA compliance improvements

* meet current fire and building code requirements

* provide portable, flexible seating and table systems

* add exterior lighting and upgrade landscaping

* remodel to improve overall aesthetics of building

* add new cooling and more efficient heating systems throughout facility


Key Features after Renovations



* over 4500 square feet of flat maple hardwood floor in the auditorium

* no columns or supports in auditorium

* 1000 square-feet of raised stage

* Classic Lamella truss roof

* Capacity between 300 to 600

* Flexible, multi-purpose event location downtown


Basement Level

* dining area

* food service

* 150 capacity for seated guests


Other Amenities

* convenient downtown location

* office space

* affordable rental fees

* small meeting rooms on 1st and 2nd floor

* ample parking available behind the building for evening and weekend events

* 2 blocks from Rialto and 1 block from museum

Here are the top five priorities we seek to accomplish:


Restore - this important city asset to its rightful stature as a magnet for cultural and community events.


Refurbish - to enhance the architecture and improve the aesthetics and comfort of the guests.


Renovate - to meet current fire and safety codes and improve handicapped accessibility.


Revive - the building so that it lives and breathes again


Repurpose - the auditorium from a one dimensional theatrical setting into a multipurpose space that can host a myriad of events.