Pulliam Community Building Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be enough parking?


Yes. This is one of the rare venues downtown that has a parking lot adjacent to the building for use during the evenings and weekends. To the rear is a Larimer County parking lot that is used by county employees during the day. The rest of the time it is available for others. When are most community events? Evenings and weekends, so it fits very well.


Also, the street parking needs to be considered and the number of spaces on the street wrapping the Pulliam is 160.


Another thought. Because downtown is compact, most of us don't recognize the scale of things. When going to a mall shopping, many people park 1/8 to 1/4 of a mile and then walk to their favorite store. That is the equivalent of 2 to 4 blocks in downtown.


Will there be elevators?


Yes. Elevators are part of many ADA requirements for accessibility and they need to be implemented. However, it is not easy to accomplish inside the Pulliam. Current architectural drawings include an elevator which will allow the removal of the unsightly ramp on the front of the building.


Who is making money on this deal? What private investors are there?


This is an effort by concerned citizens to preserve a historic icon of Loveland. No one on the board of directors is being paid. The Foundation does not have any ownership in the building. The building will continue to be city owned. Money charged for rentals will help pay for the expenses. So there are no investors and this is completely a philanthropic effort.



Can plays and performances be held in the auditorium?


Yes, even after the old fixed seating is removed, portable chairs can be set up for theatrical events. Without the fixed seating, the room can be used for more and different types of events. Theatre events are best at the Rialto or Roberta Price Auditorium. The Pulliam will be best for a myriad of other events such as concerts, receptions, dances, lectures, conferences, and more.


When will this be done?


We have been working on this about 7 years. Projects of this complexity and size take time.  After the recent city council approval, it is very possible that 2017 will be a year that some initial construction will begin.